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Hagley Oval Pavilion

Hagley Oval PavilionThe locals were the engineers in New Zealand in the 19th century. Saw millers constructed railroads, blacksmiths created instruments and farmers put up dams. At the turn of the 20th century, experts in electrical, mechanical and civil engineering thrived in the country.  Learn about the grandest engineering milestones in the country that you should be proud of.

Raurimu Railway Spiral

This railroad opened in 1908 as trains conquered the twisting ring path that is 132 meters up the landscape.

Grafton Bridge

During its construction in 1910, this bridge was one of the first structures to use reinforced concrete. It was then known worldwide as the arch bridge with the largest span.

Electric Fence

Local inventor Sir William Gallagher Senior used an auto spark coil and a Meccano system in making one of the earliest electric barriers in 1936. He eventually made a name for himself in the electric fencing industry.

Contemporary Jet Boat 

Bill Hamilton wanted to steer past the rapid stream current at his place. This led to his invention of an advanced jet boat in the 1950s. This type of jet boat made the first ever trip through the Grand Canyon in 1960.

Warkworth Motorway

This long road that covers Auckland and Wellsford is thought of as one of the most important freeways in the country. The initial plan was to expand this path to 18.5 km as the government feels this will contribute to national progress. For successful projects like this, Mount Maunganui Engineering highlights the importance of precision in structural engineering.

Esk hydro power project

The first concern of this engineering scheme in an isolated area in Napier was accessibility. To solve this, only the technical crew went to the place for full geotechnical inspection of certain places.

Hagley Oval Pavilion

This venture in Christchurch needed modern materials because of expected heavy use and the number of tenants. Financial limits, planning restrictions and fire regulations were concerns as well.

So far so good for engineering accomplishments in the country.

Terohan Nula