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Modern hotel bathroomOne of the best things about checking in at a luxury hotel is their bathroom. Of course, most of the time, the king-size bed takes up most of the space, but the area that makes it all worthwhile is the bathroom – especially for the ladies. Take, for instance, how starlinegroup.co.nz features such products, from hotel and motel amenities to washroom supplies. These are the little things that guests enjoy in a luxury hotel.

So, what truly makes a hotel bathroom look and feel luxurious? Below are three main items to consider.

1. The shower is separated from the bath.

The separation, perhaps, is the mark of a true luxury hotel. Many hotels tend to combine the shower and the bath, but luxury hotels simply do not. And it’s a great add-on if one finds this separation in non-luxury accommodations. Some hotel-goers think it’s a waste of space, but seriously, sometimes a person just wants a quick shower in the morning, and to later soak in the tub at night. Even business travellers would appreciate the separation.

2. Heated mirrors are perks to enjoy.

Travellers hate foggy mirrors. Even if the mirrors in the bathroom are far from the sink, foggy mirrors are just plain annoying – notably after taking a warm or hot shower. A hotel bathroom comes off as luxurious when they have heated mirrors.

3. Good lighting is hard to find in so-so hotels.

Actually, good lighting is crucial wherever you are. It can impact and change the mood of any guest. But in hotel bathrooms, they are even more important. For example, bright lights speed things up, like in the morning. While at night, mood lighting is always ideal for an evening soak in the tub. Adjustable lighting is a good investment for bathrooms aiming to appear luxurious.

Recognise the Little Things

Apart from high-quality towels, bathrooms and toiletries, simple things in a hotel bathroom can determine a guest’s experience. Hotel and motel amenities, such as bath salts and shower gels, send the signal that a hotel is of class. Shower and loo separation, heated mirrors and adjustable lighting are add-ons that readily influence the stay of any traveller.

Terohan Nula