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A plumber is fixing a pipeSome homeowners prefer to DIY simple home repairs because such things make them burst with pride upon finishing the project. However, there are things homeowners should call a professional for. Plumbing emergencies fall into that category. So, if you are experiencing any of the following plumbing problems around your home, call an emergency plumber immediately.

1. Burst pipes and flooding

While New Zealand has a widely temperate climate during winter, temperatures can still dip to as low as -10 degrees overnight. When this happens, pipes at the edge of your home could end up frozen, only to burst open the moment you turn on the tap. While extremely low temperatures are the main cause of burst pipes, underground pipes are prone to bursting during summer, too. Both scenarios bring about flooding and water inconveniences. As such, call your plumber immediately.

2. New plumbing equipment installation

Watching online videos on how to install something does not automatically make you a good plumber like those employed by Walton Plumbing. In fact, the false confidence these videos give is the main reason for plumbing emergencies in New Zealand. To save money and time, as well as to minimise damage, always contact professional plumbers first.

3. Clogged toilet

Unclogging a toilet can be as simple as just pulling out the plunger and applying some elbow grease. In other cases, it could become a real nightmare. For example, if your toddler decided to pour her entire toy collection into the toilet and flush it, you will require the services of an emergency plumbing contractor. Being the most used plumbing unit in your home, you need to get it fixed immediately.

If you have an emergency plumbing issue, do not panic. Shut off the water and immediately contact a 24-hour plumber. If there is flooding, switch off your electricity and ensure that you keep all electronics on high ground to avoid and minimise damage.

Terohan Nula