Beautiful and clean work office

Any company seeking to expand in Asia would do well to place their headquarters in Singapore. Singapore is still one of the best countries in ease of doing business, thanks to its impressive infrastructure, political stability and supporting corporate services like stellar banking facilities. It is also highly accessible from other countries, served by a world-class airport.

When it comes to the property market, Singapore has a number of modern urban developments, headed by international property and infrastructure groups such as Lendlease. The Singapore outpost of Lendlease is placing increasing focus on urban regeneration, with large-scale development projects such as Paya Lebar Quarter valued at S$3.2 billion.

Projects such as these open up new opportunities for companies looking to place their headquarters in a strategic location within Asia. Modern office buildings, fast internet connectivity, and a reliable transport system make the country an ideal choice to do business.

A Great Economy

Singapore has a stable economy because of its diverse corporate market and the constant influx of talent. Education in Singapore is excellent, and the country itself attracts top talent from all over the world. This ensures that your company will always have access to a highly skilled labour force.

The available pool of local skilled workforce, relatively low taxes, and business-friendly policies make managing Asian operations headquartered in Singapore highly effective.

A Strong Corporate Culture

Along with its advanced infrastructure and stable economy, Singapore has a highly developed corporate culture. The country encourages companies to set up their businesses by providing incentive programmes for startups, which include research incentive schemes, training grants, and tax incentives.

The Global Investment Programme also introduced the Entrepass, which allows entrepreneurs with innovative technologies to enter into joint ventures with local companies.

Boasting a peaceful, stable and secure physical environment, coupled with predictable governmental policy-making, Singapore remains one of the best countries in Asia to set up your headquarters.