July 23, 2019
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Aircon's filter

There’s nothing better than breathing in a lungful of fresh air after a hard day at work, unless of course it’s too cold to go outside and breathing actually hurts. Fortunately, people can do the same thing indoors where the air doesn’t feel like a hundred pins in their chests, and they have one thing to thank for that – air filters.

The Show Must Go On

Aircon's filterIf the air conditioner were a touring rock band, the filters would be the roadies that ensure all the instruments are working, the lasers are on cue, and the pyrotechnics are safe. Now, filters don’t do any of the band stuff, but their job ensures that the entire unit functions the way it says in the brochure in two very important ways.

The first of these ways is that every other part of an air conditioning unit is a very sensitive piece of equipment. According to the specialists at All Air Services, the slightest clump of dust or debris can alter their performance greatly. The second, and probably the most important function of the air filter is that it saves people’s lives every time they turn the unit on.

Inhale – In Select Areas

Breathing deeply these days is only advisable in specific situations such as being in the country, or in a yoga class. The amount of pollutants present in the air of an urban metropolis is enough to blacken a person’s lungs even if they never touch a cigarette in their lives. It’s quite enough for anyone to have to go through such an environment when they walk out the door, so they shouldn’t be subjected to it in the comfort of their homes.

Statistically speaking, an average employee spends eighty percent of their lives indoors; whether it’s the house, the office, or even the bus, the air people experience comes out of an air conditioning unit. Many people will see this as a depressing fact of the state of the environment in populous areas.

Fortunately, there’s also a bright side; filters are giving people the chance to live longer to correct the mistakes they’ve made. Self-preservation may sound like a selfish course of action, but how will anyone fix the problems in the air if they’re all coughing their lungs out?

Terohan Nula