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braceletsWhile a nice outfit can create a dazzling charm when paired with the right shoes, it is the accessories that tie together the charm of the entire ensemble. But not all people get it right when it comes to dressing up with bracelets. To look your best, you have to keep these guidelines in mind before you put on a set of bangles and bracelets.

Opposites attract

First, you have to consider your physique. While every figure is beautiful in its own way, not all bracelets work for everyone. For those with long, slender arms, bracelets and cuffs that are chunky in appearance look great. This offsets the slimness of the arm and adds some body to it. As for those with bigger bones and wide wrists, slimmer bracelets do the trick. Accessories that feature delicate styles tend to make your wrists look slender, and they tend to create a balanced look.

Asymmetry is key

If you’re thinking of wearing bracelets on both arms, think again. It’s okay to load one arm with multiple bangles, but it doesn’t look good when both wrists have accessories. Unless you want to look like Wonder Woman in her costume, observe asymmetry with your bracelets.

Balance is harmony

Apart from putting on your usual bracelets, you might want to buy nomination bracelets online, or perhaps add a necklace and a pair of earrings to your outfit. Balance is the secret in matching an outfit that harmonises effectively.

You want every garb you put on to work and complement each other, not try to outshine another piece. Take accessories, for example. It’s a sin to wear a bold necklace with a big ring and a pair of dangling earrings. To create balance, you have to offset that bold necklace with discreet, simple earrings and perhaps a bracelet.

Not everyone can rock a look with bracelets, but that’s probably because they aren’t aware of how they should wear one. When you know these guidelines and you stick to them, you can make any outfit work with your favourite bangles anytime, anywhere.

Terohan Nula