March 20, 2019
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sliding wardrobe

sliding wardrobeEvery day, you waste time searching for missing mobile phones, keys, energy bills and even your favourite shoes. Are you drowning in clutter and don’t know how to start?

For many homeowners, it’s difficult to throw away something, let alone boxes full of memories. Standing in the middle of piles and stacks, it’s hard to dive in and start de-cluttering. If you are getting ready to summer clean your home, you should come up with solutions on how to deal with the mess. One effective way to achieve that is to find extra storage space in every room.

Here are some great ways to sneak storage into your home:

Sliding Wardrobe

Unused or worn clothes are a common clutter culprit. Make the most of your bedroom space by installing a sliding door wardrobe. The storage is impressive, and it can transform the look and feel of your home. As a glass sliding door makes good use of walls, you will like how organised everything is. A leading glass service provider, Perth City Glass, shares that you can personalise the closet doors to match the style and décor of the area. Look for a company that offers custom-built sliding wardrobes to meet your storage needs.

Under Stairs

When you are living in a small home, every space counts. So, why not use the area underneath the stairs? You can transform the space to store toys, shoes, clothes and even sports items. Always focus on functionality, and you will do a good job maximising your space.

Self-Styling Bookcase

Do the disarray of books and magazines make you feel stressed? A wall-mounted bookcase is a great solution to make piles eye-catching. There’s no need to sacrifice a lot of floor space, as you can install wall shelving all the way to the ceiling. This organisation tool allows you to place contents by shape and size. Whether you want to use it solely for books or to display a mix of souvenirs, a wall-mounted bookcase can create a wonderful focal point for a living room or home office.

They say less is more. With the right know-how, a bit of imagination and the guide of experts, you can see your home’s storage potential.

Terohan Nula