March 20, 2019
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gateEverybody says people’s lives change when they become parents. Most of them think about the shift to their income, sleeping habits, and social lives and accept that certain adjustments need to be made. What they fail to realise is that those are just a small portion of their worries.

Child Safety Changes

To give expectant parents a picture of what’s in store for them, they should take a good look at the safety of their homes. People who are conscious of their new status as keepers of a tiny human being make most of their changes to the interior of the home. These include baby proofing sharp corners, electrical sockets, and maybe even investing in a lot of carpeting to make the floors softer. These are all good safety measures, but these do not account for anything outside the front door.

Take for instance, how many parents take the situation of their front gates of their Perth houses too lightly. Most parents think that they can keep their little bundles of joy safe while they’re all inside. But, children won’t be confined to crawling forever, and they will find ways to get outside. At this point, parents have a massive amount of decisions to make.


The good news is, except for the gate, there’s nothing much to worry about when it comes to outdoor child safety apart from dirt and a few bugs. Gates are huge moving parts that manufacturers design to be strong enough to keep invaders at bay. A toddler’s delicate fingers don’t stand a chance against a swinging hinge. The most common cause of such accidents is when parents are on one side – coming home from work –and don’t see their children playing on the other.

Most parents solve this problem by making their children stay in the house for as long as possible. This strategy solves nothing, though, and parents need to do something more to ensure child safety. One such solution is improving the vision on both sides so that blind accidents don’t happen. Installing Slat gates is a step in this direction, as parents will be able to monitor everything and anything near their gates whenever they leave or come home.

Many things change for people when they become parents, but most of these changes make them better and more responsible people.

Terohan Nula