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man eating

man eatingEating less can make you live longer, according to evolutionary biologist Dr. Margo Adler. Many people live a busy lifestyle that they don’t think of the amount of food they eat anymore, resulting to obesity and lack of body nutrients. Fortunately, you can easily get rid of this bad habit. Here’s how:

Use Smaller or Labeled Plates

The eyes can fool you when it comes to food. A study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine proved that using larger bowls and spoons could make you serve more, probably about 31%. Eat using smaller food utensils, so you’ll put less on your plate without even realizing it.

Labeled plates are also ideal for daily portion diets because regardless of its size, you can allot how much food you can put on your plate.

Drink from Taller Glasses

Like plates, you can cheat the amount of liquid you drink through taller glasses. Height can make anything look bigger, so many tend to ignore the width of their drinking containers. Even if the volume is the same, this will control your urges to drink unhealthy liquids like soda.

Measure the Amount of Food to Serve

Most family meals involve serving food on large plates and bowls, so everybody can simply get the amount they want. There’s nothing wrong about this, but you should know how much the whole family could eat. Don’t put everything you cooked on the table. Instead, serve at least 80% of the food first, and the remaining if they want more.

Eat and Chew Slowly

The time you spend while eating can make you feel full. Eat meals slowly and make sure that your mouth is completely empty before taking another bite. This way, you can taste the food better. Set a timer or count the number of chews to help you pay more attention to your eating speed.

Healthy portion diets and good eating habits will help you live a better lifestyle. Follow this guideline, so you can eat healthy without sacrificing your favorite meals.

Terohan Nula