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New Year Business Goal

New Year Business GoalIt’s that time of year again.

At the beginning of each year, businesses often find themselves making resolutions with the hopes it will steer them in the right direction. According to data, however, 80% of those who make resolutions end up being broken. This is why you should set out to achieve goals instead of just listing down business resolutions.

Resolutions are things you wish would happen. Goals, on the other hand, are the things you strive for every day. Goals are the better option to have because these provide direction and motivation.

With that, here are a few goals you should set your sights on for your business:

  1. Develop and Evaluate Your Marketing Strategy

In 2015 and beyond, it’s all about getting to your customers. If your current digital marketing plan still focuses on getting customers to find you, you might want to look at it again.

Top SEO firms across the globe emphasise the importance of having a strong online presence. The Internet, including mobile, is the most promising, cost-efficient, and lucrative channel in marketing today. Many successful organisations are spending resources on this medium—don’t be left behind. Update your marketing strategy to suit today’s changing markets.

  1. Build a Better Brand

Customers aren’t familiar with your products or services? Build your brand. Already have a decent client base and reputation? Build a better one.

A strong, effective brand is one of the most valuable assets any business can have.

  1. Try Something New

Innovations always get you ahead of the competition. Try something new for the New Year. It can be anything from reinventing your brand, or introducing new products or services, or tapping into a new channel and customer base. Do it right and you will find yourself growing a solid customer base.

  1. Do Personalisation Right

It is important to have the right strategy that clients want, especially when it comes to ecommerce. Personalising your brand and website correctly could spell the difference between delightful experiences and disappointed customers.

  1. Keep Moving Forward

Whatever you do, don’t move backwards. Look back, but don’t get stuck there. Go over your triumphs and mistakes for the past year, and use these to improve. Don’t get stuck in a rut. If you’re not moving forward, you might as well be moving backwards.

The problem with having resolutions is that they are just something you look forward to, not something you strive for. If you shoot at nothing, you’re going to hit it every time. Create realistic goals that make sense for the business, and stick to it.

Terohan Nula