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Fusion exercises are all the rage these days. Combining two fitness regimens to come up with an improved version of the original exercise has helped fitness enthusiasts keep their drive and interest. The practice has been happening for years and made way to the introduction of fusion fitness exercises such as Taebo and Soul Fu-Zen. The newest addition to the growing list is anti-gravity yoga, a unique discipline that combines yoga, gymnastics, and aerial choreography.

What Really is Anti-Gravity Yoga?

Anti-gravity yoga is the integration of yoga, dance and gymnastics. This technique aims to improve physical strength, agility, and grace. Most routines require using an aerial yoga hammock. The hammock allows you to perform basic and complicated aerial techniques while giving you total control of your body even when suspended. Anti-gravity yoga also gives you the insight on how your body works in relation to the physics of gravity.

Revolutionizing Yoga

Anti-gravity yoga revolutionizes yoga in a big way. Yogis still get the benefit of achieving inner peace while giving their body an intense and effective workout. Defying gravity is something everyone wish for. There’s nothing more exhilarating than working on gravity-defying routines while on air in an anti-gravity yoga hammock. Anti-gravity yoga is perfect for people who want to take their love of yoga to a whole new level.

Not an Entirely Radical Departure

Anti-gravity yoga may look and sound like it’s a radical departure from traditional yoga, but that’s not the case. If anything, it’s actually one of yoga’s most logical progressions. Gravity is a natural force you’re unable to do anything about. With this new technique, you get the restorative and rehabilitating benefits of yoga while keeping your body fit and healthy. It’s a feat very few exercises can match and one that deserves your utmost attention.

A few yoga facilities offer this revolutionary fitness regimen. The use of anti-gravity yoga hammock is definitely a novelty. If you’re looking to try yoga with a twist, this unique exercise may just be exactly what you need.

Terohan Nula