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Deck Builder

Deck BuilderWhen summer and fall hit, many people head to their decks to make the most out of the hot weather. According to research, there are more than 30 million decks built in the United States, and deck builders build millions more every year.

As with gardens, decks help improve the aesthetic appeal of homes. These structures give you an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors in a relaxed and comfortable way. A properly-built deck can capture a stunning view, add a feeling of spaciousness to your home, and create a comfortable outdoor area for you and your family.

Types of Decks

There are different types of these structures that you can ask a deck and patio builder in Brisbane to add to your home. These include attached decks, island decks, wraparound decks, and multi-level decks. Attached decks are similar to patios, except that they are made of wood composite materials. These types of deck look great on U-shaped and L-shaped houses, as they can serve as a bridge connecting the exterior part of your property. Detached or island decks, on the other hand, can stand alone like an island and can be placed anywhere on a property. These types of deck are more adaptable to different surrounding conditions, as you can build them on whatever type of soil.

Known as engawa in Japan, wraparound decks in Brisbane are highly elevated and similar to the old-fashioned wraparound porch. They assist with air circulation, extend your living space, and let you follow the sun and shade. Multilevel decks are a series of decks on different levels that are connected by pathways or steps. You can see these types of decks on houses built on hills and slopes and that have rocky landscaping.

Care and Maintenance

To keep your deck looking great and prolong its life, observe proper care and maintenance on the structure. Sweep away leaves and debris on your deck everyday and mop up spills right away to avoid stains. During spring, clean and seal your deck regularly to help prevent breakdown and damage. Scrub the structure once a year using a brush, an appropriate cleaner, and a low-pressure setting on a power washer. If your deck develops mildew, use a specialty product when cleaning.

Decks can significantly expand your house’s floor space. They can make your home a more inviting, enjoyable, and comfortable place to live in.

Terohan Nula