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social media

social mediaEverybody has done it: posting a #vacationselfie with a caption that reads something like, “Off to the beach! See you in two weeks!” While this status is but a natural expression of excitement, this is exactly the tweet that burglars are on the lookout for. Surveys show that robbers are going digital and using social media to assist with their criminal activities.

Curious as to how they do it? Locksmiths in Coral Gables from MyLockSmithMiami.com recommend effective strategies so you can be one step ahead of them and prevent being the next victim.

They Look at Location-Sharing Features

“Touchdown! Konnichiwa! – Narita International Airport” Familiar? While it may be a fun way to let the whole world know you just landed in paradise, burglars will see your post as a gem, making you an easy target. These criminals only need to know where you live (thanks to Google Maps and Street Views) to pay your home a visit.

Be familiar with privacy features of the social networking sites you use. Keep your posts private and be sure that your account is not synced to channels that are public. Otherwise, you’re giving burglars the perfect opportunity to ransack your home.

They Consider Photo Information

A few extra likes on that last selfie might be nice, but keep in mind that burglars love to check them out, too. Every picture you post online contains valuable information. It says where and when the photo is taken and even what type of smartphone you’re using. Believe it or not, burglars can make out exactly where you live just by clicking through a few photos.

You can easily remove such information by tweaking your phone’s settings. Just go to Location Services and turn it off.

They Read Your Posts

The simplest way for burglars to track down where you live is by tracking your posts. The best thing to prevent them from doing this is to wait until you get home before posting vacation photos and stories. Alternatively, you can post photos on a private photo album so only friends and family can see it.

Remember these sneaky tactics, so you can be a step ahead of criminals. Of course, you should also improve your home’s defence by investing in high-quality security systems.

Terohan Nula