Machine TranslationExpanding your business to an international market has a major barrier in the form of different languages. With four languages in use, Singapore is one of the countries where official translation services can be highly beneficial for your business.

3 Ways to Go About It

There are three ways to get translation jobs done:

  • Machine translation is done through a software that analyses the text for you. Lower-end machine translators are free. You can, however, choose to buy a better software to do the job for you. Note that while machine translation is fast, it's not always accurate. It is also more likely to miss out on cultural cues and nuances.
  • Your next option is to crowdsource for translations. This means asking volunteers to translate projects for you. These volunteers may or may not have translation experience, but are fluent in the language you want to translate to. This may take more time than hiring a professional translator, but will cost less and still provide a reasonable result.
  • Last is to hire a professional, native, or fluent in the translated language. Hiring official translation services in Singapore may be more costly and slower than machine translation, but their knowledge of the language and colloquialisms can make the project more accurate and fit to your target audience.

The Purpose of Translating

To say that we're in the period of globalization is an over-used yet true statement. To reach out to a wider market, translating your marketing and branding content professionally is important. Translations that inaccurately express connotations and colloquialism can harm your branding.

For internal communication between your home language and your foreign branch, machine translation may suffice. However, you can lift office morale by showing respect to their native language by using a more accurate translation. Another use for translated content is surveys to locals, which enable your company to learn the ins and outs of the culture you’re conducting business in.

Accurately translating your materials and branding will cost money, but this allows you to better connect with your market and create a better exchange between your business and your clients. That type of rapport is essential if you wish to be a stronger moving force in your industry.