Accidents at Construction Sites in AucklandConstruction sites have been known to be magnets for accidents, involving not only the workers but even innocent passersby or bystanders. Because of this threat, construction managers have enlisted the help of some safety measures.

One of the most hazardous places to be in is a building construction site. Accidents can happen anytime within the area, which is perhaps why construction workers are considered to have one of the most dangerous jobs in the world, as described by Time. In fact, even if you are not part of the construction team and just happen to pass by a construction site, you can become a victim of an accident. How so?

Falling Debris

Building construction projects, particularly those that involve tall skyscrapers, are dangerous places that passersby should avoid at all times. Objects ranging from workers’ tools to hard construction objects have been known to fall down from great heights. While construction engineers would place safety nets to catch falling debris, heavier objects have been known to slip through this flimsy protection. This is why construction companies would normally secure the services of temporary fence hire, with the help of Superfence, to ensure innocent passersby maintain a safe distance from the site. Installing a temporary construction site fence would help prevent falling objects from hitting passersby below.

Tower Crane Mishaps

There have been numerous videos on social media about ineptly assembled construction tower cranes crashing down. These behemoths have been known to cause massive damages to properties and at times, have caused serious injuries or fatalities to innocent bystanders. Though it is nice to gawk and marvel at this wonderful piece of engineering whenever you pass by a construction site, it is better to steer clear of them. If you have to, you can watch them from a safe distance, way beyond the temporary fence that is usually erected to prevent unauthorised persons from going near a construction site.

Vehicular Crashes

Construction projects always work within a specific timeline, says Project owners always expect the construction engineers to meet this timeline. This is why everyone involved with the construction project, including delivery guys, always move with great speed. It is for this reason entrances and exits of construction sites are sometimes also scenes of vehicle crashes. An innocent motorist may see his vehicle reduced to a piece of crumpled tin if they are not careful enough. Regular-sized cars have been known to bump into construction delivery trucks and equipment, which is why it is important to slow down when you are approaching a construction site.

Accidents can be avoided by installing safety measures, such as temporary construction site fences or roadblocks, to safeguard the well-being of everyone. With these measures in place, both the construction company and innocent passersby heave a sigh of relief.