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windshield damage

windshield damageWhile car accidents are in a slow decline across Australia, these unfortunate incidents are still too common for comfort.

Road accidents and related crashes are costing the federal government about $27 billion a year. For private motorists, the expenses often include repairs and the trouble of filing insurance claims.

When it comes to auto insurance claims, some cases are more common than others. Knowing these claims can help you make a serious effort in avoiding the accidents. Western Australia-based insurance accident repair specialist Nova Smash Repairs says it can also help give you a better understanding of the insurance claims process, making it easier and less stressful.

1. Fender Benders

Parking lots seem to be more hazardous than open roads for quite a number of motorists. Fender benders, or rear-end collisions, are accidents where there are no injuries and only minor damages to the vehicles.

This accident is often the result of careless driving. Fender bender claims are relatively easy to process, and can even increase your insurance premiums.

2. Windshield Damage

Windshield damage is often the result of collisions, but in some cases, it can be because of a rock or debris sent flying by a vehicle in front. This damage often falls under a comprehensive coverage, but it still depends on the plan you have.

For small cracks, you can have it repaired, but for bigger breaks, replacement is needed for safety. Windshields are quite expensive, so it is important to check if your insurance covers it.

3. Theft

In the case of a stolen vehicle, it is essential to report to the authorities, including your insurance company. This is important, as they may reimburse you for your loss if the car is never recovered.

Many insurance companies can give you discounts on premiums if you have extra security systems for the vehicle.

4. Vandalism

Vandalism falls under a comprehensive auto insurance policy and covers damages such as scratches from keying, broken windows, and damaged/stolen parts.

The best thing to do when you find your car vandalized is leaving it as is and taking documentation. File a police claim as soon as you can and get in touch with your insurance company for claims processing.

5. Hail Damage

Hail damage falls under “Acts of God” or the damages caused by natural disasters like extreme weather. This weather phenomenon is a leading cause of total losses and can even be the cause of your car being totalled.

Understanding what to avoid and the insurance policy you have is a definitely a step in making the claims process easier.

Terohan Nula