June 15, 2019
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Tattooed man cutting hairCutting hair is no simple business. You might think that just because you know how to use scissors, you can start your own salon. It takes practice to achieve the skill needed to make a profit out of it. Apart from the skill, Collectiv Academy noted that you also need to know more about the business side of things. This is all possible to learn when you go to a Salt Lake City hair school.

The first thing you need to focus on is mastering your craft. You want to make a name for yourself first so you entice future clients at once. It is important for you to know first what makes a haircut so great.

It Suits the Shape

Oftentimes, a client may come in and ask you to do the impossible. They might think that simply because a hairstyle or color is trendy, they can pull it off. While you may ensure that they get what they want, it is also up to you to make them look great in it. You can achieve this by knowing what type of head and hair they have. The shape of their face and the outline of their hair can tell a lot about what would look great on them or not. Getting the shape right is important in keeping a haircut flattering for the wearer.

Listening to the Client

You may have all the skills, but your client will always know what works for themselves best. It’s possible to suggest and allow them to see themselves in a new light. The trick is to be better at listening to what they want and make sure they are happy with the cut. If they are not, you need to be able to correct the aspects they do not like in a breeze.

Knowing these things can help you not just to get the best cut but to have returning clients in the future.

Terohan Nula