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Winter Outfit

Winter OutfitMany people think that it’s difficult to continue biking when the winter season comes. However, with a little practice and knowledge, it’s actually doable! In fact, winter riding can be pretty rewarding. Here are some details you need to know when it comes to your attire.

Winter Cycling Clothing

The most important rule is to never overdress. Because of the cold temperature, people tend to assume they need layers of clothing. This is wrong, since your body will product heat and sweat on its own to keep you warm even in the winter. Overdressing may lead to dehydration and can leave you shivering and wet.


During cold, dry conditions, a soft-shell jacket is the preferable outerwear. This will keep you dry and warm. It will also allow a bit of wind to enter and counter your body heat. For milder weather conditions, a vest can do. On the other hand, you’ll need a waterproof shell if you live in rainy locations.


Head coverage is important because the head is prone to chilling and losing a vast amount of body heat. It’s also almost impossible to warm up again just through physical activity. To prevent this, you’ll need to wear a wool stocking cap under your helmet. Carry a scarf or balaclava just in case it gets too cold.


The best gloves to wear are waterproof cycling gloves complete with palms and fingers with added grip since handlebars can get slippery when wet. Look for Burton gloves for sale, as they are one of the best brands there is and they produce gloves that are suitable for winter riding.


To warm your feet, you need footwear that allows additional insulation. The key is to wear a pair of oversized shoes and warm, thick socks. Then, slide on waterproof booties.

Proper and sufficient planning is important to keep yourself safe to ride a bicycle during the winter. Follow these tips and research some more to know what to do before actually doing it.

Terohan Nula