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Amenities in hotel

Amenities in hotelWhen staying in a hotel, guests will usually gush about the beautiful pools, fantastic views from their rooms, and all the other extravagant perks that they get to enjoy. But are these things really what they value most? Luxurious amenities might make for great pictures, and help set the hotel apart, but they are not core requirements.

It turns out that the typical guest’s highest priorities are actually far more mundane. While most people do appreciate the fancier amenities, they can still do without them. A guest is far more likely to write a scathing review if the hotel has slow Wi-Fi or bad food than if the pool was closed during their stay.

This is a crucial thing for hoteliers to understand; no matter how beautiful the hotel is, lacking these important features will have a huge impact on your bottom line.

1. Free Wi-Fi – While people once put up with slow speeds, constant disconnections, and even lobby restricted Internet access, most guests today expect nothing less than the best. e-Communications & Networking says that Wi-Fi is now the #1 amenity for any hotel, and for good reason.
Whether you cater to tourists or people on business, your guests expect you to have a reliable in-room connection. They want to be able to check emails, update social media, and get work done – even as they relax in the comfort of their rooms.

2. Complimentary Breakfast – Another benefit that the majority of guests rank highly is free breakfast. It seems like people hate starting the day on an empty stomach, and few people are eager to head out and look for a restaurant to eat in so early in the morning. Offering free breakfast (especially a buffet) is one of the biggest selling points for a hotel.

3. Parking – Does the customer have to drive around for hours, searching for a place to park their car before checking in? And will they have to worry about their vehicle’s safety? A free and secure hotel parking lot is not just preferred, but a requirement for many car owners. Establishments without one lose an incredible amount of potential business.

This simply reinforces that a hotel should always focus primarily on improving guest experience. Excellent service is what people will remember most, and having the above amenities is an excellent way to tell clients that you truly care about their satisfaction.

Terohan Nula