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v-neck shirt

v-neck shirtOne prominent question in Men’s fashion is whether to go with crew neck or V neck shirts. Like many other fashion questions, the short answer is: it depends. Both have their place, but in significantly different situations.

Here are their main differences.

The Classic Crew Neck

The premier shirt for casual wear, the humble crew neck has become the go to apparel for young men all over the world. Partner it with jeans and you have the quintessential outfit for going out and having fun with friends. While this shirt works well with almost every physique, assuming it fits properly, it is a poor choice for men with short necks.

Also, there’s a reason crew necks are almost always the choice for branding and community purposes. As one supplier cites, companies usually choose crew necks when buying T-Shirts wholesale from, because these look good on their own, and no matter who is wearing them. This means that people are less likely to cover up the design with a jacket, and that they will wear the shirt more often. When was the last time you saw a V neck band shirt?

The Daring V Neck

The V could easily stand for versatile, since this type of shirt fits in with many different applications. The shape makes it perfect for ties, turning it into a great component for a semi-formal outfit. Most men use a V neck in conjunction with several layers of clothing for a super fashionable look. The designs are a bit less varied compared to crew necks; you’ll have a hard time finding one with a stand-out pattern.

You can also wear it on its own, especially if you have a fit physique. Showing off a bit of chest is fine in places that aren’t too conservative and you don’t have ample amounts of chest hair. But make sure that you invest in a shirt of sufficient thickness, preferably in a colour other than white, to avoid looking like you’re walking around in nothing but an undershirt.

Feel free to experiment. There’s no real rule in fashion except to stay classy and dress appropriately for the occasion.

Terohan Nula