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Many users think a smartphone case and a charger are all they need to get the most out of their gadgets. This will do for those who are satisfied with just browsing, playing, and socializing in their smartphones. But if you really want to achieve the best smartphone experience, you need to invest in peripherals that will boost your gadget’s potentials.

Here are the top smartphone must-haves you didn’t realize you need.

A Printer and Ink

You probably didn’t think of buying a printer the moment you got your smartphone, did you? Though printers usually come only with desktop and laptop computers, today’s models work with different types of smartphones and gadgets. A printer will come in handy whenever you need to print something you found using your phone.

Some stores, for instance require customers to present printed coupons before they can enjoy discounts and other freebies. If a must-print item shows up on your smartphone, you just need to plug your printer in, connect it to your phone, and click ‘print’. Don’t forget to keep a small stock of your printer’s ink cartridges. You’ll never know when you’ll need them, so better be prepared.

Screen Protector and Wipes

Smartphones provide messaging, calling, gaming, and browsing experience with a touch of a finger. Their highly sensitive screens, however, are prone to scratches from frequent use. It pays to equip your smartphone with high quality screen protector to keep it from dust, moisture, and scratches. This will make your phone last longer. Buy one that fits your phone’s model and its screen size. Keep your smartphone case and screen from fingerprints and other particles by wiping it with a soft microfiber cloth from time to time. Screen wipes will keep your phone clean and extend its life.

Extra Memory Cards

Investing in extra memory card or two is ideal, especially if you’re traveling or storing different files in your smartphone. You can take photos and record as much videos as you want, as long as your cards can handle them. Extra memory cards help protect important data, as they serve as backup storage. Make sure to upload everything in the cards to your computer for added security. Even if you lose your phone, you still have copies of important documents, images, and videos at home.

These are some of the most overlooked mobile phone accessories today. Buy yours now and enjoy the best smartphone experience.

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