July 23, 2019
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“I did not have three thousand pairs of shoes, I had one thousand and sixty.” -Imelda Marcos

Have you ever asked yourself what is it with shoes that people, including you, just love collecting them? It doesn’t matter how many pairs you already got, they never seem enough. Some even credit their happiness to the newest pair they just bought. Do you?

The pair of shoes you wear can either break or make your entire outfit. This can be the reason people buy different styles and colours of shoes. There should be a perfect pair for any outfit style, colour, and design. While there is nothing wrong with this addiction (as long as you don’t go beyond your means), there are things you need to keep in mind when buying shoes online.

Buying shoes online

Shopping for a pair of shoes online in Australia is truly inviting. Other than convenience, it also exposes buyers like you to a wide selection of unique choices. The only downside is you don’t get to try the pair before buying and you need to wait for days before it arrives at your doorstep. Only that. Quite forgivable, right?

Here are smart tips to ensure the quality of your purchase:

Know what you want

Experts on human behaviour say it’s the addiction that makes choosing difficult. You won’t stop looking at the options, all the more if you see the name of your favourite designer! To avoid a confusing, tiring online shopping, imagine first the style of shoes you need and what. This helps you narrow down your choices when you see the catalogue.

Pay attention to the shipping schedule

Note the seller’s shipping times before you buy. While most online stores can deliver your order within 24 hours, there are some who’d seem unresponsive and uncaring. Order in advance to avoid being stressed especially when there’s an upcoming event where you need the shoes.

If you feel buying shoes makes you happy, then go for that pair you like! There’s nothing wrong with spoiling yourself once in a while as long as you know your limits. Shoes after all, are one of the best and functional rewards you can give yourself for all your hard work. As Marilyn Monroe puts it, “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.”

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Terohan Nula