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Right Ring

Right RingThe most beautiful ring isn’t the most expensive choice available –it’s the one that flatters the shape of your finger. Your finger’s length and width should match the band design and stone to get that perfect look.

To help you find the perfect match, here’s a rundown of the most flattering ring designs for every finger length and size:

Long Fingers

Most ring styles work well with long, thin fingers. You’re lucky because round, oval, square and marquees suit you. But if you want to take your style up a notch, buy a diamond ring with a princess cut and round stones. Choose a wider band, so it will match your finger’s length.

Short Fingers

Look for ring styles that will elongate your fingers. Your best choices are oval, pear and marquise stones. Rectangular rings may do, as long as they aren’t too big. Ditch the round stones; they only make your short fingers even shorter. For the band styles, choose slender, narrow-width types so it creates the illusion of length.

Slender Fingers

What you want here is a ring style that will not overwhelm your slender fingers. Go for rings that have thicker bands; they create the illusion of a horizontal line and make it look wider. Choose accessories that have small stones as well. Avoid heart-shaped and round stones, however, because they will just make your fingers even narrower.

Wide Fingers

The idea here is to look for styles that don’t show too much skin on either side of the ring. Otherwise, fingers will just get even wider. Angular shapes and asymmetrical styles are perfect for creating the illusion of slender fingers. Avoid narrow-styled stones and go for wide oval, marquise, and rectangular shapes instead. Buy rings that have medium to thick bands.

Let this guide help you find the perfect match for your finger. Don’t forget to have fun, though. Try on different styles and designs!

Terohan Nula