July 23, 2019
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Ballroom dancing has made their way into American homes. TV shows such as Dancing with the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance have inspired many people to put on their dancing shoes and go to ballroom dance studios.

While it isn’t really a new form of dancing, ballroom dance in cities like Indianapolis is now taking off as more and more famous personalities are trying it.

The Growing Popularity

The popularity of the ballroom has been growing since 2000. Television and movies boosted this popularity. With dancing shows garnering big audiences, more people find it easier to go out there and try dancing. Some television networks have gambled on producing reality shows based on ballroom dancing.

It all started with…

Film stars Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze inspired many people to go dancing. It has been 26 years since the release of their iconic film Dirty Dancing. This 1987 hit film captured the hearts and hips of most people to dance. The same effect was achieved with ABC’s Dancing With the Stars. This show proved that it’s never too late to strap on those dancing shoes and hit the dance floor.

Statistic Says It All

According to a non-profit Dance organization, the number of people taking ballroom lessons and attending ballroom lesson have spiked 35 percent over the past few years. People of all ages are now going crazy over this type of dancing more than any other. Statistics also confirmed that Americans are giving ballroom dancing another spin.

Take a Part

You too can join the ballroom dance craze. There are different dance studios in Indianapolis and around the country to help you perform such steps. Get off your sofa and start to dance again. Grab a partner and perform the salsa, cha-cha, samba, foxtrot, quickstep, waltz, tango, or other forms.

Instead of staying at home and spending hours on computers and TV, go out there and dance. Visit this website to begin dancing like a pro.

Terohan Nula