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girls uniform

girls uniformAs the school year opening approaches, you’ve probably searched every nook and cranny of the Web just to find ways to look better in your uniform. You know that every girl on the block would wear their best look, creating a lasting impact throughout the school year.

As plain as uniforms can be, they are not meant to be boring. They rather serve as a trigger for your imagination, urging you to reveal your own style.

Know your proper clothing fit.

The right fix for a school day is proper clothing fit, which can give you some level of confidence. Passing by your cafeteria or library would seem like walking down the runway. Dress up with your school clothes like how you would dress up for a night out, just a little tamer. Never wear your uniform without having it pressed; look fresh and smart, not depressing.

Use minimal accessories.

Yes, treat your school sidewalks like a fashion runway, but don’t overdo it. Use simple accessories that could complement your bag, shoes and hair accessories. By minimising your accessories, you would look presentable and neat during class presentations and debates. Your simple and natural look would not give your classmates even a single hint that you’re struggling with homework and projects.

Give your skin some glam.

Your skin is your best accessory. The night before and on the morning of your school day, make sure to thoroughly cleanse your face with mild soap and toner. Before going to school, pamper your skin with natural moisturisers and sunscreen that can protect it from the harmful rays of the sun. With refreshed skin, you would definitely look great all day, even sans accessories.

Wear your natural look.

Multiple coats of makeup might smudge and ruin your look. When preparing for school, it is important to apply subtle eye shadow and lip gloss. Don’t put too much cheek tint and thick eyeliners. Wear the most natural and light makeup, so you need not worry about stains and blotches.

The Right Attitude

At the end of the day, everything boils down to having the right attitude. Get your positive energy going at school and always wear your best smile. Finish your school tasks without looking the worse for wear.

Give these tips a try and see how great your school uniform would work for you. Just remember to carry a pleasant personality that could complement your best look.

Terohan Nula