August 21, 2019
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Romantic gift

Romantic giftLearning and practicing the different languages of love has positive effects on every relationship. Naturally, you and your special someone will look at love differently. But knowing yours and your partner’s love language will help you avoid arguments, or show affection in a form that is easily recognizable to each other.

Picking gifts for your loved one can be difficult if you don’t have a good understanding of each other’s language of love. You may give them the most beautiful gift, but it won’t touch their heart if they have a different idea of romance.

1. Giving Gifts

This particular language is all about thoughtfulness. Even small gifts like pendants or personalized jewelry from stores like can do wonders. Maybe a bottle of their favorite wine, or a bouquet of flowers will work wonders. Whatever it is, if you understand your partner and make an effort, you can’t go wrong with gifts.

2. Words of Affirmation

If your lover speaks this love language, then chances are they will always want to hear the words “I love you”. Handwritten love letters will easily sweep your special someone off their feet. Another idea is to go the extra mile and place sticky notes detailing your favorite memories together in surprising places, or just spelling out the three words they want to hear most.

3. Quality Time

When it comes to quality time, lovers who speak this language will appreciate it when you make concrete plans to spend the day with them. It’s not just about spending time either, it’s about giving up your undivided attention. The simple act of setting aside the day to do something special, or just enjoy each other’s company is a gift in itself.

4. Acts of Service

Acts of service is a love language that’s similar with words of affirmation, except this language uses actions. Volunteer to help your loved one with something they are having trouble with, or better yet, volunteer your time together. Charitable acts like volunteering for a soup kitchen or read-aloud sessions at the library are great ideas.

5. Physical Touch

This love language can be combined with many of the previous ones. If your lover speaks this language, they will enjoy feeling close and being held. Consider activities that allow for a physical closeness such as hiking trips or taking a class like dancing or yoga.

While these love languages have been proven by studies to be romantic and wonderful gifts, it depends on what your partner likes. Take the time to learn about your lover, and give them the best gift possible. Psychology has done its part in helping us understand relationships. Take the time to understand yours.

Terohan Nula