August 24, 2019
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Isn’t it nice to exchange vows where there are trees, birds chirping, and butterflies? This is far from conventional ceremonies, but still ideal for many. For many couples who want to marry under the warm sunshine and celebrate beneath the stars, there are some things to keep in mind to make the big day memorable.

Landscape Lighting

Lighting is important to make sure guests can walk around the vicinity safely day or night. Landscape lights won’t only keep your guests safe; they’ll also create a dramatic effect and make the event dreamier.


Your next concern is to protect your guests from extreme heat or rain. To resolve this, rent marquees and place them around the area. You can hold the reception under the shades of the marquee. This means you and your guest won’t need to worry about the sweltering heat or rain while eating, dancing or partying.

Finding marquees for hire will ensure that your guests will be comfortable even if the external conditions are not. To ensure comfort, use heating or cooling equipment within the covered area.


Decoration is important because it establishes the overall mood. Pick a colour that will blend well with the lush vegetation around you. It’s advisable to go for an all-white theme, as white complements all colours. Wooden chairs will do for seating and flowers will complement the greens.


Another thing that sets the mood is your music. Be sure there’s a right mix that appeals to guests, but include songs that mean a lot you and your partner.


Of course, food is among the highlights of the event. Make sure that the food is protected to maintain its freshness. Keep the buffet in room temperature as much as possible. If you want the buffet outside, choose food that will not spoil under warmer conditions. Cover food to protect it from insects and falling leaves.

Getting married outdoors is one of the most memorable events in your life. Make it more memorable by planning well and placing everything under the shade of the marquees you rent.

Terohan Nula