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Healthy Pizza Toppings

Healthy Pizza ToppingsPizza is one of the best-loved foods in the world. From Italy to the United States, hardly any country does not have its take on the original Italian favorite. You probably call your favorite pizzeria in Janesville, Minnesota at least once a week to get a helping of that delicious crust and all manner of toppings. By yourself or with family and friends, at home or the office, ordering pizza from a website like is an easy choice, whether for a quick meal or a celebration.

Not Fast Food

Most people are quick to lump pizza with burgers and fries as part of the “food group” known as fast food. For many pizza lovers, however, this is inaccurate, as most food that is considered fast food is also known for being unhealthy. Burger-and-fries lovers argue that these choices are healthy. However, pizza lovers do not have to prove much why pizza is a healthy choice.

Lycopene and Then Some

Lycopene is found in tomatoes, and its higher concentration is in tomato paste, a key ingredient in making pizza. Lycopene has been credited for keeping most cancers at bay. A study even suggests that people who eat thin-crust, mildly mozzarella-sprinkled pizza once a week may be less likely to develop cancer.

The typical pizza also has garlic and onions, which are another good source of protection for the body. Olive oil has the good kind of fat. So, not only is pizza rich in fiber and protein (from meat toppings), but it is also rich in vitamin K, good cholesterol, and other benefits, especially if you put in more veggies.

So the next time you hear someone saying pizza is bad and it’s fast food, you know what to say. Pizza in moderation is good for you.

Terohan Nula