July 19, 2019
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Planning a wedding proposal is both exciting and unnerving. Some men plan for this relationship milestone for months or years and still feel anxious when the set day arrives. Part of the anxiety and excitement lies in finding the perfect engagement ring.

To Go Loose or Not to Go Loose

A loose diamond refers to a diamond that is not yet set on a ring. This means you still have to choose the style of your engagement ring and have jeweler set the diamond for you. For others, buying a loose diamond on sale and having it set is a tedious task. This is why many choose to buy a pre-set ring. After all, that’s a better way to do things. Right? Well, not always.

One of the main concerns with buying a pre-set ring is that you can’t always see how the full diamond looks like. It’s similar to buying a car and failing to inspect what’s under the hood. It may be sparkly and beautiful on the outside, but it may also have many problems inside. When it comes to diamonds, a small imperfection could mean a huge mark down on the price. If you buy a pre-set ring and couldn’t see the whole diamond, you wouldn’t really know if you’re overpaying or not.

Finding Loose Diamonds

Looking for certified loose diamonds for sale is easy. Local jewelry stores, especially those offering customized items, often have some in their inventory. You can also look for diamonds online.

Buying loose diamonds is serious matter. Remember, you’ll give it to the person you want to spend your life with. Make sure it is no less than perfect. Consider the cut, carat weight, clarity, and color of the diamond. These factors determine how much a diamond costs.

A good rule of thumb is to start with the best quality diamond with the carat weight and shape that you like. Start compromising on some traits until you’ve reached a diamond that falls within your budget. When sacrificing on clarity, don’t go lower than SI1. For color, avoid those lower than J. if you’re setting the stone in yellow gold, however, you can choose a diamond with color as low as K.

Have fun looking for discounted loose diamonds. You don’t have to spend a fortune for your engagement ring. By knowing how to find the perfect stone, you’re girlfriend we’ll be saying yes, even before you finish asking the question.

Terohan Nula