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Divided Office Space

Divided Office SpaceIf you have to divide your office space in Perth into smaller sections without needing to build walls, or can’t build walls due to a tight budget or because you’re renting the space, consider temporary office partitioning.

Even though temporary office partitions can’t offer as much privacy and sound control as real walls, they can create a separate space, redirect traffic and solve other interior design problems.

If you’re planning to have local builders such as The Caretakers build you temporary dividers, consider these ideas:

Determine the Function of the Partition

People often use dividers to reduce visual distractions between task areas in large spaces. People also often use them to direct the flow of foot traffic in a room. Partitions can also provide backdrops where none exists. For instance, a divider can be ideal when a special piece of furniture needs backing behind it to focus attention on it.

Match the Partition to the Existing Environment

It’s ideal to match partitions with the environment they’ll be situated in. For instance, freestanding dividers that are unattached to floors or ceilings wouldn’t be ideal for offices often receiving small children or pets such as paediatric or pet clinics. In such a rough and tumble environment, knocking over these temporary dividers would be inevitable.

Offer a Suggestion of a Partition

If a subtle visual break is needed, look for a suspended divider. Often consisted of translucent materials, these temporary dividers can be effective in breaking up areas in large spaces visually.

Double the Duty of Partitions

When selecting dividers, it’s a good idea to double their duty. For instance, have local builders mount a thin but solid wall panel to the back of a desk or console to create a partition and support for the desk or console.

Temporary partitions are ideal if you need to divide your office into smaller areas but building walls isn’t an option. With that said, follow these guidelines to make the most of these materials.

Terohan Nula