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Sleeping allows a person to recharge and be ready for the next day. Once disturbed, there can be a negative effect on the mood and the tasks of that person. This is why having a good night sleep is important.

Apart from external instances, the sleeping posture can also disturb sleep. It stresses the ligaments and causes muscle-related conditions, such as stiff neck and backache. One way to solve this is to choose the correct mattress.


The mattress will depend on the type of bed you have at home. A bunk bed needs two identical mattresses, while a loft bed needs one that fits the bed frame. Measure the bed’s frame to know the dimensions of the mattress you need to buy from home improvement suppliers, like Direct Buy Memphis.


The bed’s size depends on the person who’ll sleep on it. It should be big enough for them to toss around and use multiple pillows. This way, the body promotes proper posture by not curling up to fit on the bed. Here’s a list of the common bed sizes:

 Single – 39” x 75”
 Double – 54” x 75”
 Twin Extra Long – 39” x 80”
 Three Quarter – 48” x 75”
 Super Single – 48” x 84”
 Full Extra Long – 53” x 80”
 Queen – 60” x 80”
 California Queen – 60” x 84”
 Olympic Queen – 66” x 80”
 King – 76” x 80”
 California King – 72” x 84”


The bedroom is prone to dust mites and other dangerous particles that can trigger health conditions, such as asthma and allergies. Choose a mattress material that won’t trap these particles easily. Look for fiber materials that are washable, such as cotton, linen, polyester, or spandex.


The mattress should support the back, shoulders, and neck properly. It should allow you to lie down on your back or side without being irritated. Many people prefer memory foams than spring mattresses because it adapts to the shape of the body.

Looking for a mattress is now easy with the help of these tips and reliable home improvement suppliers like DirectBuy Memphis. Visit sites for a wide selection of home fixtures.

Terohan Nula