August 25, 2019
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These days, there are many incidents reported in the news about a random shooting or car theft. Rich people, especially successful entrepreneurs and even government officials, are victims of such crimes. Even those in the middle class are not exempt from these unfortunate events. You cannot be completely sure of your safety, though, especially when you go home alone at midnight or in the wee hours of the morning. You may become a target of a holdup or worse.

Assuring your personal safety is important now more than ever. Not only do you need to secure your home against trespassers and thieves. You also need to make your car protected against possible attacks or attempts to take it away. An armored car is safer than driving a regular car, which cannot stop bullets or prevent assailants from getting in eventually.

The cars you see in showrooms only have ordinary safety features such as airbags, seat belts, and anti-lock brakes. Armored vehicles, especially the popular ones, have better and tougher features, such as the following:

Thin yet Strong Auto Glass

Breaking into one can be hard, unless your attackers use very high-powered firearms. Guns with a lower bullet caliber can do minimal damage. The auto glass will only get cracks and not break completely at most. This is due to the polycarbonate plastic between two pieces of leaded glass. This, however, depends on the type of protection the glass is given.

Ordinary-Looking Exteriors

Reinforced exteriors and interiors are also important so bullets cannot pass through. Doors, pillars, and other hollow parts of the car are filled or welded with different materials. Steel plates are sometimes included, with ballistic fabrics. You need to maintain the car’s ordinary look, though. Attackers can be discouraged from proceeding with their bad intention when they realize that you’re riding on an armored car.

Strengthened Suspension, Tires, and Engine

The reinforced steel and fabrics make the car heavier, so you need to modify the suspension. You also need to make sure your engine has enough power to haul the additional weight. Increase the spring rates and damping if you need to. Tires are also important. You need to find a set that can still allow your car to run a certain distance even when shot. This way, you’ll still be able to drive the car and get far away from your attackers.

Today’s technology can make you better able to defend yourself against possible attacks even while on the road. Find out more on how you can reinforce your car for your protection. This not only makes your trips safer, but also assures peace of mind for your loved ones.

Terohan Nula