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Installing screen rooms in your home patio is a good way to extend your living area to the outdoors. This provides enough space outside your home to do whatever you want. You can play with your kids, dine, drink, or entertain guests without worrying about the elements such as rain, wind, and insects. You can be sure your family is safe from any danger caused by insect bites.

Choosing the right type of screen room will ensure a more cost-effective and reliable installation. Read on to learn more about screen rooms as good home additions.

Screen Room Sizes

The size of your screen room will depend on your preferences and the space available. You can cover a part of your deck or patio with a screen room. Typical sizes range from 10′ x 16′ to 12′ x 20′. Don’t forget to provide a roof overhang to keep wind-blown rain from entering. Choose from 12”, 18”, or 24” roof overhang sizes.

Common Types of Screen Rooms

Screen rooms come in different types. Wood stick-built types are among the most common. This type of construction, however, is more costly than aluminum materials. You might need more wood and a longer pitch for proper drainage. It will also take more time to build a screen room using wood frames and materials.

Aluminum Screen Room

Many homeowners and contractors prefer using aluminum-framed screen rooms because of its benefits. These types provide better-looking and maintenance-free finish. They’re also easy to assemble. Their extruded aluminum components come in different pre-painted colors, such as white and bronze. Aluminum screen rooms offer great versatility. You can cut the parts to fit any configuration, and choose the wall’s height as needed. You can even screen the roof if you like.

Constructing a screen room will increase your home’s value and improve your outdoor living environment. Hire a professional contractor and start building your home’s screen room enclosure today. It may take a few days to finish the job that will provide shelter and enjoyment for years.

Terohan Nula