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off road

off roadA dune buggy is for you if you’re looking for an off-road vehicle that you can drive on sandy beaches or deserts. A dune buggy is a recreational vehicle invented by Bruce Meyers that features four big wheels and an open-framed chassis. It doesn’t have a radiator, making it ideal for prolonged outdoor use because it won’t overheat or have an engine failure.

Due to its versatility, different types of dune buggies are available today. Regardless of the type, however, one of the most important things to remember is your safety when driving.

Know Your Surroundings

Know the path you’ll take to give you an idea if your dune buggy can make it. If it rained, for instance, a wet pathway might cause it to slip. The type of dune buggy you own can also be a deciding factor on whether you should drive it through muddy terrain, deserts, or mountain paths.

Check Your Dune Buggy

Accidents take place when drivers don’t inspect their dune buggies beforehand. Check the tires, engine performance, exhaust, suspension, safety gear, and other important parts before leaving. There are shops like vlsperformance.com that offer the parts you need, and vehicle-oriented sites like Top Gear for vehicle buying and driving tips.

Wear Safety Equipment

Regardless of how safe the pathway or your dune buggy is, there is always the possibility of unforeseen circumstances along the way. Buy a strong, perfectly-fitting helmet to avoid head injuries. For racing, it’s best to install a harness with security buckles. Wear sunglasses or racing goggles to keep dust and debris away from your eyes, especially if your buggy doesn’t have a windshield.

Driving safely in your dune buggy is the ideal way to enjoy your ride. Take note of these guidelines to make sure that you’ll be safe from accidents.

Terohan Nula