February 15, 2019
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In the tough world of business, it’s important to maintain security within your premises at all times. Having a maintained security in your workplace gives you better way of preventing crimes and reduces the possibility of other serious business problems. Company doorways are just one of the important parts that need a lot of attention in terms of securing the workplace.

With the advancement of technology, there are many kinds of locks or security preventives available on the market. Other than installing security cameras within the confines of your work environment, improving your door locks and other equipment for the doorways is one of the wisest moves you can do. Inspect all doorknobs in your workplace and replace old ones with new and high-tech equipment.

Here are some of the things you should focus on when improving security for your company.

Knob Lock

Like most equipment in your office, doorknobs and lock sets get worn, too. Damaged knob locks will cause problems for you, your employees, and visitors. Changing old knob locks to quality brands like Sargent lock, will increase the safety of your company and keep everyone concerned at peace.

Push-button Knob Lock

You might want to install a push-button knob lock if you want a more advanced and reliable lock for your entryways. Purchasing mechanical push-button locks such as the Kaba Simplex 1000, gives you easy access to the most important areas of your office. You don’t need keys and cards to operate the device. By securing your own combination password, you can easily manage the push-button locks. You can also have a new password without removing the device if you think the password has been compromised.

Door Closer

A door closer is not as stylish as locks, but they are one of the best hardware products used by most industries today. The device helps you control door slamming, which is something you don’t want staff and visitors hearing regularly. Door closer brands, such as Dorma 8916, come in different sizes and styles. Choose the one that perfectly fits your needs. It’s also essential to keep all doors closed for security and privacy.

Remember that security and safety are important for your business. Don’t wait until problems happen. Improve the locks and doorways at your workplace.

Terohan Nula