April 22, 2019
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School Uniform

School UniformAussie parents spend around $600 for back-to-school expenses. Of this, Heritage Bank says that families spend up to $200 on uniforms, while others pay over $500 for just the books. That is just for a single student.

With the prices associated with schooling, a parent can easily wonder if uniforms have benefits. Even students can complain about school uniforms. There are times when school uniforms can be quite a drag—particularly if manufacturers offer them at high prices.

The Cons of School Uniforms

All Western Australian public schools have uniforms. However, parents may have difficulties providing enough uniforms for their children if they cannot afford it. With frequent wash and wear, uniforms can easily get ruined.

Not only that, uniforms hinder a child’s self-expression. Students feel the need to find ways to stand out from others because they wear the same clothes.

Its Unseen Benefits

Though some say that school uniforms are pricey, there are those who would say it is better to have them than casual clothes, which can be even more expensive. Besides, Perm-A-Pleat mentions schoolwear manufacturers working to provide high quality and affordable uniforms to answer the financial concern of parents.

It is easier to track the students when they are wearing school uniforms. Uniforms also help to keep students focused on their classes and education rather than thinking about who wears the most expensive clothing or the latest shoes.

The Choice is Yours

So would you rather dress your children casually, or would you go and have them enrolled at a school with a uniform? The choice is ultimately yours, but do remember that you are limiting your options because most Australian schools require uniforms.

Public and private schools have different rules on wearing uniform, so before choosing the school, be aware of these. Make sure you and your child are comfortable with the school’s policies.

Terohan Nula