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PrinterChoosing a good printer requires a host of considerations. Obviously, you need a good printer that can print really well, but beyond this, you need to look at the costs as well as the after service that the company can give you. For instance, you want an after purchase service.

Here are the top factors to consider before you make that purchase.

Cartridge Use

One of the most important and yet most overlooked factors to consider is the cartridge use. How much ink does it use for a single page document? Will it still work despite one of the cartridges being out of ink? You have to check these details carefully to ensure that the productivity of your company will not be interrupted.


How many documents can it print in a day? How many pages of documents can it scan in one sitting? These are among the most important things to account for, considering the volume of documents that your office has to deal with daily.


Are you going to purchase a printer, a scanner, a fax machine and a photocopier separately? This entails huge space considerations, not to mention a fat load of money as well. You haven’t even started to account for the bulk of costs involved simply because you need to maintain them well.

Instead, find a multi-functional printer, or MFP, that can do all the work of these in one machine.

The After Purchase Service

Last but not the least, aside from the warranty, what else can the company that provides the printer offer? Top suppliers offer something similar to a Fuji Xerox printer service which is a regular check up and a consultation on the printer use to help raise efficiency and basic troubleshooting services.

These are the most important factors to consider before you purchase a printer. Do not purchase one for your company unless all these have been satisfied.

Terohan Nula