February 15, 2019
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Teaching Kids to Ride a Bike

Teaching Kids to Ride a BikeRiding a bike is a skill acquired during the childhood to teenage years for many not only in Brisbane, but across the globe. While it is highly likely that some kids learned how to cycle through playtime with peers, most young ones learn how to ride with the help of their parents.

If you’re thinking of teaching your toddler how to ride a bike, here are the challenges you will face and the advantages it will bring to you and your kid:


It is common for kids to lose attention within minutes. This is one of the foremost challenges you will face in this task. You will need massive amounts of patience and considerable time before succeeding with your goal.

Most parents introduce cycling to kids through training wheels. This is the first step to teaching them how to steer and pedal. When they have become accustomed to it, you can start teaching them how to balance with the stabilisers. Many bike stores in Brisbane can help you adjust those training wheels correctly. These will be raised slightly over time, and it will be best if your child does not realise it. This is how they will develop their balancing and riding skills.


One of the clearest benefits of learning to ride a bike is the improved sense of balance that comes with it. Good balance is essential in correct body posture, and this will contribute to your child’s sense of confidence as they grow up. Health will also improve with the consistent physical activity. A child’s heart and lungs will be stronger, the muscles will be more flexible, and their coordination and reflexes will sharpen. These skills are essential if you want your child to continue living an active lifestyle.

Bike riding can also nurture a child’s psychological health. Through quality time together, you will have a more solid parent-child relationship. Once they start riding on their own, kids can start socialising with peers who ride their bikes within the neighbourhood or at the local park. These interpersonal skills will help your child become a responsible adult.

As most experts have suggested, bike riding is the safest form of transportation. You and your child can reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to the fight against global warming in the long run. Your children will thank you for teaching them how to ride a bike because it is a skill they will carry for life.

Who knew riding a bike can have so many benefits?

Terohan Nula