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Exterior Home Paint

Exterior Home PaintWhether you’re building a new house or needing an exterior home paint repainting job, and contemplating whether to do the painting yourself or not, below are some important considerations. Hopefully, this will help you decide if you should DIY your exterior paint or leave it to the pros.

When to Paint

The perfect timing is crucial so make sure to be updated on your local weather conditions. Choose a dry season with low humidity and low chances of rain since paint requires time to fully dry and won’t stick to wet or damp surfaces.

Choose Paint Quality or Cost

When you use paint of superior quality, you’ll have better paint coverage and won’t have to repaint as often. Because advances in paint technology have significantly improved in recent years, the colours will also last much longer. Admittedly, high quality paint costs considerably more, so some homeowners choose cheaper alternatives. But, this will lead to more frequent repainting jobs that will cost you more money over time.

Sanding and Washing are Musts

As with wet surfaces, paint will also not stick to rough or dirty surfaces so you must painstakingly clean your exterior’s trim and cladding, thoroughly dry, and then sand or scrape them properly. Ensure to scrape peeling paint in order that the new paint will have a solid and even surface to adhere to.

Damaged Walls or Cladding is a No-No

Damaged cladding or walls must first be repaired or replaced prior to repainting. You can either repair damaged areas—applicable for smaller areas only—with a hardener to match the filler used, or completely replace your cladding before painting it.

Primer is Non-Negotiable

Primer must always be applied before sanding and painting your chosen paint colour. You can use primer by itself, but you also have the option of using a paint product that already contains a primer to lessen the amount of coats you should apply.

So, DIY or the Pros?

Know that you’ve just scratched the surface of what it takes to paint your home’s exterior, and that there are more considerations you’ll need to factor in to make a more informed decision. If any of this sounds complicated; which is perfectly normal for many homeowners, consider engaging professional painting Perth services to help you out.

An excellent exterior painting job will help extend the life of your siding and trim; it will also help increase the value of your house. So, are you ready to take on the task or should you just leave it to the pros?

Terohan Nula