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asian fashion

asian fashionAsia has etched its place in the fashion industry, with Japan, Korea, and China leading the market. With many top designers and models coming from the region, Asia isn’t showing signs of stopping from reigning over the fashion world. The industry has seen different Asian-inspired styles for the past seasons from designers across the globe. The recently concluded New York Fashion Week presented some top designers, including Vera Wang, with their Asian-inspired collections.

Asian fashion is all about simplicity combined with head turning elements. When you walk the streets in Asia, you’ll notice most of the outfits are functional and fashionable at the same time.

Channel the Asian street vibe with these fashion essentials and walk the streets like a true Fashionista.

Colors that Pop

Korean and other Asian fashion clothing lines use colors that pop. This is what puts life into Asia’s busiest streets. Unlike other cities where people wear formal black and white outfits, Asians include bright colors in their wardrobe. You may see someone crossing the street wearing a pair of orange pants with a simple white top. You may even bump into a girl wearing a hot pink blazer over a black dress.


Printed clothing is popular among Asian girls. You’ll see different patterns and prints on tees, blouses, dresses, and sweaters. Some fashionistas stick with the conventional print over plain outfit. There are also those who experiment with the bold print on print wardrobe. Aztec, floral, and oriental patterns are popular in different parts of Asia. In Korea, you’ll also find cute and unique prints, which the country is known for.

Pumps and Boots

One of the best features of Asian street fashion is the use of pumps and boots in different styles. Visit Tokyo and you’ll feel like you’re on a fashion runway. You’ll find girls in fashionable boots and pumps. Mix and match your high-heeled shoes with your dresses and jeans to blend with the crowd.

Don’t get caught wearing last year’s style. Join the bandwagon and learn about Asian fashion trends. You can start by searching online about Korean clothing, as it’s the hottest trend this year.

Terohan Nula