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water pump in a rural areaYou do not need much space to drill a well. As long as the drilling equipment can fit in your area, you can enjoy the benefits of a consistent supply of water to meet your various needs.

What’s more, drilling the well does not take all that long although the period will depend on the weather, drilling formations and the time it takes to set up the drills.

Welldrillers in New Zealand will make any of four wells. They will use different procedures for each, to produce varying depths. The most common type is the rock well — drilled up to 200’ depth and takes only two days. Other types of wells include:

1. The aquifer well

Drilled 3” or more in diameter, the aquifer well also goes by “artesian well.” The depth of the well can be anywhere between 250 and 1000 feet. But, it will depend on where the well is and the intended purpose. Most of the time these kinds of wells have sulphur, but they offer safe water for home use.

2. Intermediate well

Drilled up to 320 feet (although it can be shallower), this well is between 3” and 4” in diameter. For you to have an intermediate well, your area has to meet particular requirements. In some cases, the well can provide safe drinking water.

3. Gravel packed screen well

As the name suggests, these wells have an installed screen. Drilled up to 4” diameter, they are the best option for areas without a rock or where the rock has little water. The depth will range anywhere from 60’ to 150’. You get water from this well, using pumps and the water is safe for drinking.

The good thing about a well is that you can have one even if you have city water. It supplements your water source and reduces your water bill. As a rule of thumb, the shallower your well is, the more unpredictable it will be. Lastly, you should know that well water has numerous benefits.

Terohan Nula