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Everybody who owns a smartphone knows the device’s amazing features and capabilities. In addition to keeping people connected to their family and friends, high-end smart phones offer more advanced computing capabilities and unique applications, portable media players, fast web browsers, and high definition cameras.

While you can use smartphones independently, you can add accessories to personalise your gadget and to maximise its features and unique capabilities. There are different kinds of phone accessories available in the market today. Whether you’re looking for accessories to personalize your phone, or to maximise its usage and capabilities, these must-have items should definitely be included on your list:


While most cellphones already come with a wall charger upon purchase, there are different types of chargers perfect for different power sources such as car chargers, desktop chargers, charging docks or bays, and USB chargers. Car chargers, allow you to charge your cell phone while driving. Desktop chargers, on the other hand, let you charge your phone on a laptop or personal computer. A USB charger is usually used to do this as you can charge your phone via a USB cable connected to a computer. Some models support charging via a dock; some docks have bays for a phone and an extra battery. When buying any charger, make sure it is your phone or battery’s recommended accessory. Bring your phone to the shop if you’re not sure which charger to buy.

Protective Case

Smartphone cases protect your phone from damage caused by bumps, scratches, dust, and spills, while making it look more fashionable and stylish. These are many types of covers available in the market nowadays. You can buy a pouch, a faceplate, a body glove, or a phone skin. Pouches completely encase the phone to protect it from scratches, bumps, and drops. Faceplate, on the other hand, is a plastic case that snaps over the casing of the mobile phone, protecting it from scratches. Made from neoprene, a body glove fits tightly around the casing of the phone. Cell phone skins are thin, durable plastic that you can easily attach to phone casings.

Memory Card

Most cell phones, especially high-end smartphones, already come with a large internal memory for saving images, videos, games, and music files. Many users, however, find their internal memory too small for saving everything they want, so they buy memory cards to expand their phone’s storage. The most common memory cards for cell phones are the microSD cards and the microSDHC cards. These cards are available in 2GB to 32GB of memory.

When shopping for smartphone accessories, make sure to look for a reliable manufacturer or dealer than can provide you with warranty and quality products. Visit www.puremobile.ca to learn more about phone accessories.

Terohan Nula