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Aboveground Storage TanksWhen it comes to considering their storage tank options, business owners have a choice between an aboveground or underground storage tank for their petroleum, oil, or fluid products. Depending on the purpose the system will serve, preferences could differ. For financial considerations, however, an aboveground storage tank might be a better option.

In what ways, then, can an aboveground storage tank help business owners improve tank assets and cut down on extra expenditures?

Easier Methods of Inspection

Aboveground tanks are easier for personnel to monitor due to their accessible location, so companies don’t need to spend more on methods for electronic leak detection and other underground testing equipment. For any potential repairs, all one has to do is simply glance over at the aboveground tank installation and any facility manager can feel at ease.

Lower Installation, Maintenance, and Removal Costs

In general, underground storage tanks have a higher cost-of-operation. A crack in an underground storage tank is difficult to detect, for instance. Moreover, these types of tanks are even more difficult for repairmen to address, especially as they are prone to shifting and could have hazardous chemical leaks from the soil seep through the surroundings.

On the other hand, aboveground tank equipment are cheaper and easier to operate, installation and maintenance-wise. They do not require pumping, backfilling, paving, or dirt excavation. In fact, aboveground tank installations are as simple as putting it up on a concrete pad, so the costs of labor are considerably lower as well.

Designed for Business Expansion

When the demand for the products of a business begins to grow, business owners should also look into the possibility of expanding their systems of production. Expansion for an underground tank comes with a hefty price tag, as facility owners need to factor in costs for digging and installation. Meanwhile, the opportunities for aboveground tank installation are endless, so long as the owner has access to a vast area and space to spare.

An aboveground storage tank proves not only to be an effective system — it could also help business owners cut down on additional costs. Indeed, it offers easier methods for inspection, lower installation and maintenance costs, and more opportunities for business expansion.

Terohan Nula