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people using the Internet

people using the InternetThe Internet has redefined how people learn in many ways. Everyone has the chance to widen their knowledge and explore other fields of interest through tutorial videos. It’s not uncommon to see clips on music and cooking go side-by-side on video-sharing sites. With the way things are developing, it’s unlikely that this trend will die out soon.

In fact, the quality of tutorial materials has gone up as well. Anyone with time to spare can make professional-looking instructional videos. This is perhaps a result of the advancements in technology and online tools. Through the years, there have been select applications that were instrumental for this learning revolution.

Visual Storytelling

What makes the Internet an ideal platform for picking up new information is that it allows people to see things. It’s easier to teach your audience something if you can demonstrate it rather than write about it. There are free-to-download applications like CamStudio that allow people to see recorded activities on your screen and better understand what you’re saying. For instance, if you want to show how to add effects using an image editing software, or how to troubleshoot computer issues, screencasting is your ideal avenue.

Paced Learning

You retain more information if you are not in a hurry. Learning through online videos allows you just that. Proper pacing helps you absorb as much information as possible. This is important as people have different learning capabilities. Some may understand a concept faster while another might take some time to learn the ropes, and vice-versa.

This kind of learning environment makes online “universities” possible, and they are becoming more popular today. Online classes eliminate having to go out to attend classes. You can learn at your own pace and at home. Many of these resources use video clips as teaching materials.

Virtual “Cultural Exchange”

Another thing that makes online learning revolutionary is that it is a global phenomenon. It is not isolated to just one country or region. All around the world, people are learning, and at the same time, exchanging something about their nation’s culture. You can interact with people of different nationalities, and still understand each other because you share the same passion for learning.

Just by using downloaded free applications like CamStudio, you are already making a difference. Sharing knowledge is all about taking that one step. You don’t know just how many people you can help learn with your video applications. Learning, after all, is a shared experience.

Terohan Nula