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There’s no secret recipe for success. Most businesses have to go through trial and error to find that special recipe. Classic Catering has their experience working for them. With 30 years of culinary expertise, they’re applying their classic approach to modern catering service.

Joseph and Millie Pipola have been running the business for 30 years. Joseph credits Classic Caterings top-market reputation to his business methodology. He lets us in on the secret to his success. His commitment to offering and providing clients with high quality service has helped steer Classic Catering to where the business is right now.

During the course of our conversation, Joseph shared Classic Catering’s sweet recipe for success.

A Spoonful of High Quality Ingredients

“You’ll never go far in the catering business serving inferior quality food and ingredients,” he says. “People are likely to notice the disparity of the ingredients and the materials you use to serve your food.” This fatal mistake, he adds, can cause you to lose important business. In an industry dominated by the kind of reputation you make for your company, that is definitely something you’d want to avoid.

A Dash of Excellent Customer Service

Joseph shares that what you have on the menu is but a small part of your business success. “We owe a huge part of Classic Catering’s success to our commitment to excellent customer service. My staff constantly undergoes training to make sure that they’re able to carry out any catering assignments of any scale, and in a manner that’s both fast and efficient.

“Outstanding service is what we provide, and should be expected buy all potential clients,” he adds. “The term to cater is sometimes grossly misunderstood. The true definition of CATER is 1.) provide a supply of food; and 2.) to supply what is required or desired. Number one is the easy part. Although logistics for an event of 500 is completely different from an event for 50, our expertise shines brightly in both of these aspects.

“The 2nd part is what sets us apart from some other caterers. Some caterers may not provide bar service, custom cakes, custom decorating, chair covers and tiebacks, ice carvings, floral decorations, or other items that the client may require or desire.”

A Sprinkle of Competitive Menu Pricing

Joseph tells us that another aspect of Classic Catering’s success is their competitive pricing. “We always make it a point to work within the client’s budget without sacrificing the quality of the service we provide.

“We have become completely self-sufficient. We now own over 1000 table linens in multiple sizes and colors, 2000 napkins in multiple colors, place settings for 350 people (china, glassware, and utensils) and every other imaginable piece of service ware that is required for the most formal plated dinner, or basic buffets. With all of these factors in place we can offer the best possible pricing based upon menu selections.”

The future looks bright for the catering industry, and Joseph agrees. “The future is limitless, the client sets the tone. The newest is themed funerals. Sounds a little crazy, but this is a reality. The baby boomers are setting the precedent for this.”

Whatever the future holds, expect Classic Catering to continue doing what they do best: satisfying their clients.“We have provided outstanding services in both quality of food and service in the past and we will continue to do so. There are many other caterers out there that provide “cutting edge” cuisine with the newest fads in food. We’re also capable of these trends, however, let us not forget about where it all came from and that is THE CLASSICS.”

If you’re on the lookout for high-quality catering service to fit your budget, you should look no further than Classic Catering Ltd. Visit their website and check out their menu pricing and available services so you can turn any event into a memorable fete.

Terohan Nula