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street fashion

street fashionThere are no hard and fast rules to streetwear. It is constantly evolving, and almost everything is fair game. You have an incredible variety of options when dressing, and it is not that hard to come up with something that will look fantastic.

Most streetwear shops like 5pointz.co.uk will recommend that you always exercise your creativity. That said there are a few mistakes that too many people make. These mishaps can ruin your entire look, and they simply have no justification.

  1. Having a bad haircut – It is ridiculous how many blokes are willing to drop hundreds on their outfit, but then skimp on the haircut. A messy mop on top of your head is not doing your appearance any favours. Find a great barber and you won’t look like a dork.
  1. Poor colour coordination – Even with the considerable versatility of streetwear, with its abundance of neutrals and greys, many still fail at colour coordinating their clothing. Be as creative as you’d like, but your outfit must still be cohesive.
  1. Buying cheap leather jackets – If you are going to wear leather, do stay away from the department store knock-offs. Cheap jackets fit terribly, never last long, and just make your entire outfit look tacky. Faux leather is a mixed bag; if you are hurting for cash, it can work, but you need to shop around.
  1. Wearing too large shirts – Speaking of clothing fit, a common trend is to buy t-shirts one size too large. This has the unfortunate effect of making the sleeves, shoulders, and neck look all wrong. If you want to rock the oversized look, you need to find a shirt that is actually cut for it.
  2. Disregarding footwear – Shoes make up at least half of a streetwear outfit’s impact. How many times have you had to stop and admire someone’s new Jordans? Wear something that will catch attention, but still fit in with the rest of your look. Black and white colourways are highly versatile.

Remember that the point of streetwear is experimentation, and not confining yourself to a rigid set of rules. If you think a piece looks good, then try to find a way to work it into an outfit. However, never forget the basics of fashion.

Terohan Nula