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an exterminator getting rid of the termites

No homeowner would want their homes to be infested. Not only is it a hassle, but it is also costly. The trick to avoiding this is to know the signs that your home has been infested before they spread and do further damage.

One of the hardest pests to spot are termites. Not only are they small, but they live in dark and non-visible places like beneath your floors, between your walls, or even in your wooden furniture. Being observant is key. Here are some signs that mean you need to call professional termite control services in Boca Raton, FL.

Signs your home is infested with termites

1. Mud tubes

Termites are allergic to light and therefore often hard to spot with your bare eyes. To travel from one place to another, they build mud tubes to protect them from numerous sources of light. Once you see these mud tubes in your home, you know that you have termites living with you.

2. Droppings

Droppings that look like wood sawdust or discarded wings are also signs that you have termites aboard.

3. Wood holes

Termites feed on wood. If you see your trees, furniture, or any other place in your home covered with unusually shaped holes, then you can be pretty sure that termites have a feast in it.

4. Hollow sounds

Sometimes, however, the presence of termites cannot be seen because they hide behind your walls of beneath wooden spaces. The “case” might be intact, but the “core” is already absent as a result of termite consumption. Thus, if you suspect a termite infestation, knock on your walls and furniture. If you hear a hollow sound, chances are, termites already ate the core.

Have you observed these signs in your home? What are you waiting for? Seek professional help now to enjoy a termite-free home and prevent further damages from happening.

Terohan Nula