August 21, 2019
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a woman gardening with flowers

Green thumbs can come from little hands. Much has been said about how gardening is good for adults and the elderly, allowing physical activity and enhancing cognitive functions. This hobby, however, can be rewarding for kids as well. In fact, this is one of those few skills you can teach and they can learn with ease. Here’s why you should inspire the love for gardening among your children:

1. It encourages a healthy lifestyle

Are you struggling to get kids to eat carrots and broccoli? You’ll definitely get this problem out of the way when you let them grow their own vegetables. When kids see the long process it took for a meal to get into their tables, they’ll cultivate a new appreciation for their food.

It’s also a rewarding experience to witness how the little seeds they sowed — the plants they watered and cared for — grew to ripe, edible vegetables. Involve them as much as you can in the whole gardening process. It’s best to have a greenhouse, so you can garden all year long. Edenlite recommends checking out some polycarbonate greenhouse for sale with your kids.

2. It gives them a greater appreciation for nature

Kids are innately drawn to nature,as there’s a lot of things to explore in it. The problem with most children today is that they’re glued to their digital tablets. It’s a missed opportunity to let kids’ imagination and curiosity run wild in the comfort of nature.

More importantly, you lose the chance to raise an environmentally conscious kid who may just be the next advocate for climate change issues. They’re people badly needed in this day and age. As early as now, let your children be exposed to nature. Encourage them to get off the couch, ditch the tablets, and get their hands dirty — literally.

3. It teaches responsibility and patience

These two attributes are what you need to instill at a young age. These virtues take time to cultivate, given that kids are hardheaded, careless, and impulsive. Gardening can be a training ground to build these values. Children would gradually understand that plants don’t quickly grow. There’s a lot of waiting involved. In fact, these plants might die sometimes if proper care isn’t practised. Your kids will learn the importance of being consistent in fulfilling their responsibilities.

Gardening is a great hobby, not just for adults, but for kids as well. Cultivate the gardening habit in your home and you might just find a green thumb in little hands.

Terohan Nula