August 21, 2019
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winter season at a city

There are plenty of professional services that can help improve your home in preparation for the winter. You can, for instance, consider the services of Double T. Inc. if you live in Salt Lake City and are looking to install a new rain gutter.

Below is a list of home improvements you can make before winter comes around:

Rain Gutter

Remember to clean and inspect your gutters before the winter season to prevent drainage clogs. Roof gutters collect large amounts of water, leaves, and debris. This can build up and cause clogs that prevent water from draining off the roof and getting into a downspout.

Further, trapped water freezes once temperatures drop in wintertime. Freezing expands water inside the gutter and this can crack the material and require immediate repair or replacement. Avoid loose, sagging, and leaking gutters by keeping them clear and properly maintained to carry drainage well away from the house.

Roof Shingles

Make sure your roof does not have loose, damaged, or missing shingles as the pressure of snow or ice can cause them to shift further. This might allow water to permeate the roof and leak into your house. It may be a good idea to have a licensed contractor come around, inspect the roof, and make the necessary repairs before the first snow hits.

Heating System

You should also check your home’s heating system. Most heating units only last about 12-15 years, but this largely depends on how well they are maintained. You can review your unit’s annual maintenance agreement or get it inspected by a reputable HVAC contractor.

Conduct these checks and change the necessary filters before it becomes too cold. It is, after all, better to find HVAC problems in moderate temperatures than to find that a heating unit stops working on a snowy winter day.

You may want to consider having your home checked by different professionals to ensure that you avoid home maintenance problems brought by the winter season.

Terohan Nula