August 21, 2019
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  • 5:30 am 3 of the Toughest Carpet Stains

Carpets are huge home investments that should be given proper care and attention so your money will enjoy its maximum value. Your biggest enemies in maintaining healthy and beautiful carpets are difficult stains that are tough to deal with.

These are three of the toughest carpet stains you should keep an eye for.

1. Red wine

The bloody red color caused by a wine glass spill is one of the most horrifying things you would not want to see on your precious carpet fibers. Unfortunately, it could happen anytime. A playful kid could unmindfully push aside the wine glass or the person holding the glass itself could fumble with his. Whichever way, it could be disappointing to find a red wine stain on your carpet and realize it is not that easy to remove.

2. Pet stains

Having your furry friends around the house is fun, until one of them causes a stain accident on your carpet. It does not help that pet mess comes with bad odor, which could infiltrate the entire home. If you are not as effective removing the stain completely, your pets could even be encouraged to repeatedly soil that same spot. That doubles up the worries.

3. Ink

This is annoying no matter what writing material stains your carpet. Pens and markers could leave a permanent blot not just on your carpet but also in your sanity.

Carpet stains could easily push you to your limits. You can try everything, but only a professional such as DNA Pro Cleaning and Restoration who’s skilled in carpet cleaning in Springfield could possibly manage to make the tough stains disappear without causing harm on the carpet fibers. That’s very important.

Effective carpet cleaning is not only about making the stains disappear, managing the dirt buildup, and neutralizing the bad odors. It is also about maintaining the beauty of your carpets and keeping it looking new as if it did not go through anything.

Terohan Nula